Epic Art 'Thankful Pumpkins 2' by Sara Baker, Acrylic Glass Wall Art

"Thankful Pumpkins 2" by Sara Baker. Sara Baker's art statement: "I believe that everything in nature has a story to tell and I love the challenge of capturing a moment and trying to retell that story in my paintings. My hope is that when people view my art they will be able to feel the life behind it, and that it helps them connect with nature even if in a small way. In a world that is increasing in concrete and technology, I think it's so important that we find ways to stay connected with the living, with nature, because it helps keep us grounded and it's just plain good for the soul." Acrylic wall art looks amazing in your home or business. Printed on the back of the acrylic giving it depth and easy maintenance. The super durable and hard-to-damage qualities make it the ideal wall art for hotels, rental properties, and restaurants. Now Epic Art brings it to you at unbelievably low prices making it very affordable for your home as well. From small sizes to extra large sizes, it is easy to hang, won't shatter like glass if it ever falls down, and is easy to maintain. Simply dust it off or use a damp soft cloth for cleaning.
  • High gloss wall art printed on high quality clear acrylic glass. Acrylic is shatterproof and easy to clean - giving you years of worry free enjoyment.
  • Modern art with vibrant colors and extraordinary depth comes ready to hang with a mounted hanging plate on the back
  • Officially Licensed Digital Print, Artist: Sara Baker
  • Made in USA
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"Never stop, believe in yourself, believe in your work. You are talented - talent is in all of us, you just need to tap into it."- Erin Ashley 
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Being an artist is no an easy job, They spend countless hours trying to perfect something that only they are able to see in their minds. Creating something that never existed before is not a simple task.
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