Collection: Ekaterina Ermilkina

Ekaterina Ermikina was born in Russia and works and resides in New Jersey. Here is her artist statement: "...My medium is oil on canvas, and working with color and texture is an ongoing exploration. Modern pointillism has been a revelation for me. Using a palette knife, I apply distinct dots of color and build a pattern, which ultimately is only seen as a pattern when the dots are blended in the eye and mind of the viewer, from a distance. Stippling is very time-consuming, but allows such subtle gradation of color, depending on how far apart the dots are placed, and creates great depth and dimension. I love how these techniques can be so expressive; how the textures allow me to convey, for example, the inner life of a building. Capturing the interior nature of subject matter that may seem, on its surface, prosaic and everyday is what I am after."